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Emily is a proud Texan, a Northwestern Wildcat, and a cooking enthusiast with fourteen years of experience in theatrical writing and production. Her short plays have appeared as part of reading series produced by Lone Star Theatre Co., aWe Creative Group, and New York Madness. She is one of the creators of “Group: The Webseries," the inaugural web series by SeaDog Productions. Her short play Dead Zone was produced by Shiyr Productions as part of their October 2017 program Shiyr Terror. 

Emily's full length work includes Dumpster Fire (She NYC Festival 2018), Undrown’d: Seeking Asylum (co-written with Benita de Wit, Columbia Stages), Switzerland (Lone Star Theatre Co.), Moonlighting (Lone Star Theatre Co.), Track Twelve (FringeNYC), and The Last Hurrah (Northwestern University). Her management and producing credits include: The View UpStairs (Invisible Wall Productions), The Optics of Dying Light (Columbia Stages), Cosplay (The Brick: Game Play Festival), Before & After (Independent), Vestige (Columbia Stages).

Emily has a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies from the Northwestern University School of Communications, with specialties in critical studies, adaptation of narrative for the stage, and multimedia performance.  She also holds a Master of Arts in Italian Language and Media from Middlebury College and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Management & Producing from Columbia University.






This 2012 comic webseries about group therapy was co-created with Shawn Ferreyra and Amy E. Witting.