Track Twelve


Written and Presented by Emily Comisar
Directed by Josh Penzell

Track Twelve is a uniquely ‘New York’ story that takes place within the city’s iconic Penn Station. Four travelers are left stranded waiting for their train to DC during a terrible blizzard. The stress of delays and confinement forces old arguments to the surface, making the travelers accept that the only way to move forward into the future is to let go of the past.

This is a play about many things. It is about the beginnings and endings of relationships of all kinds. It is about the secrets we tell and the secrets we keep. But, above all, it is a play about not being able to connect when connection is what we need the most.

Read more about Track Twelve here.

Venue #11 – Teatro Circulo
64 East 4th Street

SAT 8/10 @ 1:45pm
THU 8/15 @ 8:45pm
SUN 8/18 @ 8:45pm
WED 8/21 @ 5pm
FRI 8/23 @ 2pm


Leo Goodman
Charlie Gorrilla
Sarah Sanders
Keelie A. Sheridan


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Graphics by Dolly Dagger.