24 Hour Playfun 2012

Undrown’d: Seeking Asylum
Co-written with Benita de Wit
A full-length play about asylum seekers in the current political climate
Produced by Columbia Stages
March 2016

A full-length play about accidental motherhood
Developmental reading produced by Lone Star Theatre Co.
February 2016

A full-length play about what you really want out of life
Developmental reading produced by Lone Star Theatre Co.
February 2014

Track Twelve
A full-length play about connections made and missed
Produced as part of FringeNYC 2013
August 2013

A ten-minute play about reconnecting with your roots
Reading produced by Lone Star Theatre Co.
May 2013

Group: The Webseries
A 12-part Webseries
Produced by SeaDog Productions
Released Spring 2013

Seeking Granny B.
A 10-minute play written for 24 Hour PlayFun
Produced by aWe Creative Group
March 2012

The Last Hurrah (Librettist)
Composed by Daniel Green
Staged Reading produced at Northwestern University
May 2007